# Auth


Paloma's auth module inherits from Cosmos SDK's auth (opens new window) module. This document is a stub and covers mainly important Paloma-specific notes about how it is used.

Paloma's Auth module extends the functionality from Cosmos SDK's auth module with a modified ante handler, which applies basic transaction validity checks, such as signatures, nonces, and auxiliary fields. This module also defines a special vesting account type that handles the logic for token vesting from the GRAIN presale.

# Gas Fee

Like all transactions on the Paloma blockchain, MsgSend and MsgMultiSend incur gas fees. These fees are determined by a validator's minimum gas price and the complexity of the transaction. More complex transactions incur higher fees. Gas fees are specified by the sender when a transaction is outbound. For more information on how gas is calculated, see fees.

# Parameters

The subspace for the Auth module is auth.

type Params struct {
  MaxMemoCharacters      uint64 `json:"max_memo_characters" yaml:"max_memo_characters"`
  TxSigLimit             uint64 `json:"tx_sig_limit" yaml:"tx_sig_limit"`
  TxSizeCostPerByte      uint64 `json:"tx_size_cost_per_byte" yaml:"tx_size_cost_per_byte"`
  SigVerifyCostED25519   uint64 `json:"sig_verify_cost_ed25519" yaml:"sig_verify_cost_ed25519"`
  SigVerifyCostSecp256k1 uint64 `json:"sig_verify_cost_secp256k1" yaml:"sig_verify_cost_secp256k1"`

# Genesis parameters

The genesis parameters outlined in the Genesis Builder Script (opens new window) are as follows:

    # Auth: set max memo characters to 512
    genesis['app_state']['auth']['params']['max_memo_characters'] = '512'

# MaxMemoCharacters

The maximum permitted number of characters in the memo of a transaction.

  • type: uint64
  • genesis: 512

# TxSigLimit

The maximum number of signers in a transaction. A single transaction can have multiple messages and multiple signers.

  • type: uint64
  • default: 7

# TxSizeCostPerByte

The cost per byte used to compute the gas consumption of a transaction. TxSizeCostPerByte * txsize.

  • type: uint64
  • default: 10

# SigVerifyCostED25519

The gas cost for verifying ED25519 signatures.

  • type: uint64
  • default: 590

# SigVerifyCostSecp256k1

The gas cost for verifying Secp256k1 signatures.

  • type: uint64
  • default: 1000