The command line interface and node daemon for interacting with the Paloma blockchain. Use palomad to run a full node or interact with the chain. Follow the palomad install guide to get started.

# SDKs

paloma.js seeks to provide a compatible way to work with the Paloma blockchain within JavaScript runtimes, such as Node.js and the browser. use paloma.js to create bots, mint NFTs, and build out applications. Follow the paloma.js tutorial to get started.

# Testnet

Set up your own blockchain testnet in less than a minute. paloma-testnet-10 is a testnet environment of the Paloma blockchain, complete with a functional validator set and block creation. Visit the palomain testnet guide to get started.

# Faucet

Get some GRAINs to send or delegate on Paloma testnet here Paloma Faucet (opens new window)

# Developer support

Find developer support on Telegram (opens new window).