# Staking GRAIN tokens on Paloma

Delegating your tokens to validators of your choosing earns you a return on Paloma and ensures that your holdings don't lose value due to the inflation on the network.

The full list of active validators is here (opens new window).

For the best security and control over your funds, we recommend using a Ledger Hardware Wallet. To delegate your tokens, you should ensure they are stored on your Ledger, and then follow these steps below:

  1. Confirm the amount you want to delegate to which validator(s) (opens new window). Help keep the network distributed by delegating to validators with lower stake.

  2. Connect your ledger wallet if using. Also see the Ledger instructions.

  3. Run the staking command for all validators that you're delegating to

    i. Set variables for your parameters

    # address of the validator you're delegating to
    # amount you want to delegate to this validator in uGRAIN
    #this is the Volume node, but you may change this to another node
    # your paloma wallet address from which you're delegating

    ii. Run the delegation command

    palomad tx staking delegate $VALIDATOR $AMOUNT \
    --chain-id messenger \
    --node $NODE \
    --fees 200ugrain --gas auto \
    --from $WALLET --ledger \
    --sign-mode "amino-json" -y