# Configure general settings

The paloma testnet configuration is available here (opens new window).

The following information describes the most important node configuration settings found in the ~/.paloma/config/ directory. It is recommended that you update these settings with your own information.

Structure of ~/.paloma/config/
│-- addrbook.json                       # a registry of peers to connect to
│-- app.toml                            # palomad configuration file
│-- client.toml                         # configurations for the cli wallet (ex Palomacli)
│-- config.toml                         # Tendermint configuration  file
│-- genesis.json                        # gensesis transactions
│-- node_key.json                       # private key used for node authentication in the p2p protocol (its corresponding public key is the nodeid)
└-- priv_validator_key.json             # key used by the validator on the node to sign blocks

# Update minimum gas prices

  1. Open ~/.paloma/config/app.toml.

  2. Modify minimum-gas-prices and set the minimum price of gas a validator will accept to validate a transaction and to prevent spam.


The minimum gas prices a validator is willing to accept for processing a transaction. A transaction's fees must meet the minimum of any denomination specified in this config (e.g. 0.25token1;0.0001token2). minimum-gas-prices = "0.01133ugrain".

# Start the light-client daemon (LCD)

For information about the available Paloma REST API endpoints, see the Swagger documentation (opens new window). To enable the REST API and Swagger, and to start the LCD, complete the following steps:

  • Open ~/.paloma/config/app.toml.

  • Locate the API Configuration section ([api]).

  • Change enable = false to enable = true.

    # Enable defines if the API server should be enabled.
    enable = true

    Swagger defines if swagger documentation should automatically be registered. To enable Swagger, change swagger = false toswagger = true`.

    swagger = true

Restart the service via systemctl restart palomad. Once restarted, the LCD will be available (by default on port

# Set up external_address in config.toml

In order to be added to the address book in seed nodes, you need to configure external_address in config.toml. This addition will prevent continuous reconnections. The default P2P_PORT is 26656.

sed -i -e 's/external_address = \"\"/external_address = \"'$(curl httpbin.org/ip | jq -r .origin)':26656\"/g' ~/.paloma/config/config.toml