# Tips for a production level full-node

Use the following information to set up and manage your production-level full Paloma node.

For information about running a validator node, visit the validator guide. FIX LINK

# Create a dedicated user

Although palomad does not require a super user account, during the setup process you'll need super user permission to create and modify some files. It is strongly recommended to use a normal user when running palomad.

# Increase the maximum files palomad can open

palomad is set to open 1024 files by default. It is recommended that you increase this amount.

Modify /etc/security/limits.conf* (opens new window) to increase the amount, where nofile is the number of files palomad can open.

# If you have never changed this system config or your system is fresh, most of this file will be commented
# ...
*                soft    nofile          65535   # Uncomment the following two lines at the bottom
*                hard    nofile          65535   # Change the default values to ~65535
# ...