# Requirements to run a node


Paloma requires anyone wishing to run a full node to run two pieces of software.

Anyone who wishes to become a validator with stake in the network will additionally be required to have wallets with funds for all Paloma target chains. For more information on Pigeon, see Pigeon docs.

# Hardware Requirements

Paloma is currently only available for Linux operating systems.Running a full Paloma node is a resource-intensive process that requires a persistent server, so please ensure your hardware fulfills the requirements below.

These are the the minimum requirements for running a full Paloma node:

  • 4 or more CPU cores
  • At least 32 GB of memory
  • At least 300 mbps of network bandwidth
  • At least 2 TB NVME SSD

Storage requirements

As the network grows, the minimum storage requirements will also grow. It is recommended that you use more than the minimum storage requirements to run a robust full node.

# Software requirements

Golang v1.19+ linux/amd64 (opens new window)